Ямполь волшебный город моего детства и юности (Video)


The city is located on the Dnister River, directly on the Ukrainian border with Moldova, near the commune of Cosăuţi. It is located 7 mi (11 km) away from the Moldovan settlement Soroca.


Yampil was first founded in the early 1600s. In 1924, the settlement received the status of an urban-type settlement.

Prior to World War II, the city had a large Jewish population. Particularly, in 1900, Yampil’s Jewish population was 2,823. The city center consisted of a large number of Jewish-owned buildings and four synagogues. The city also had a castle and river port.

In 1985, it was named the administrative center of the surrounding Yampil Raion.


In the 2001 Ukrainian Census, the city’s population was 11,651. As of January 1, 2011 the city’s population consisted of 11,302.