Muslim Magometovich Magomayev (17 August 1942 – 25 October 2008), dubbed the “King of Songs” and the “Soviet Sinatra” was a Soviet baritone operatic pop singer. He achieved iconic status in Russia and the post-Soviet countries for his vocal talent and charisma.

Personal Life

Magomayev married when he was 19, but the union did not last a year. His daughter from that first marriage, Marina, lives in the United States. He eventually remarried, this time to the opera singer Tamara Sinyavskaya.

In later life, Magomayev struggled with a serious heart condition.

Later years

In the early 2000s, Magomayev officially stopped his musical career and gave only a few performances, together with his wife. He died on 25 October 2008 in his flat in Moscow from a heart attack. He was buried in his native city of Baku, next to his grandfather, on 29 October.